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Corinne, Our Animals, and Sustainability

Corinne -The Bottle Washer in Chief

Corinne, the winemaker, hails from South Africa and came to the United States in 1983. She settled in the Bay Area and toiled in High Technology until 2000.

Since her youth, Corinne has been passionate about the outdoors and was an avid equestrienne in South Africa where she competed successfully in Show Jumping and Eventing disciplines.

Corinne is also a lover of fine wines, and has always been intrigued by the wine making process. Thus, looking beyond High Technology, Corinne yearned to move to the country to start a horse ranch and a hobby vineyard.

When she happened on the Torre Ranch in Amador County

she knew she had found the property of her dreams. However her priorities flipped: the hobby vineyard turned into a commercial vineyard, and the two horses which she acquired and planned to breed in 2004, are living a life of luxury, while Corinne, the winemaker, concentrates on her wine business.

Corinne owes a lot of her inspiration to her father who was a positive influence throughout her life and supported her in all her endeavors. Her brother, Ray Moore, has also been extremely supportive and helps promote her wines whenever possible.

Corinne is ‘hands-on’ in all aspects of the business and hires consultants and laborers on an as-needed basis. She practices sustainable agriculture – using as few chemicals as possible. The winery is off-grid, with Solar panels, battery backup and a backup generator.

Nic, Corinne’s son, was the inspiration for the wine and vineyard name. While passing a vineyard on a trip in the country, the then 5-year old Nic yelled out – “Look, Mom, Wine Trees!” The name stuck. Nic now too, is involved with helping his Mom realize her dream.

Our Animals at Work and Play

Animals at Wine Tree Farm are part of the crew and have their chores.

Our sheep are in charge of weed control, the dogs are the greeters and our winery cat …, well she’s the on-site cat. We’re environmentally conscious stewards of our land and practice sustainable farming.

Meet Epi the Puppy, Marley the Tug of-War Judge, Timber the Horse Whisperer, Geovanni the Resident Cat, our Lovely Horses, Three Friendly Sheep, and Otis in memory (Mar 2018).


is the world’s second most-planted wine grape and makes wines with aromas of red fruits, licorice and black pepper, flavors of cherry and spice, good acids and lush texture.


(also known as Shiraz) is the most planted Rhône varietal in California. Its aromas are of smoke, bacon fat, black fruit and crushed rock, with flavors of blueberry, blackberry, black olive and spice, full body and substantial tannin.


is the latest-ripening Rhône varietal and has aromas of red fruit, chocolate, leather and earth, flavors of plum, currant and spice. Wines with Mourvèdre age gracefully to flavors of truffles and game.

All our grapes are grown in our vineyard. So our wines are all Estate – meaning grown and produced on the same property.
Corinne, Winemaker

The Wine Tree Farm Harvest Video

Take a closer look at our winemaking practices

Wine Tree Farm is Powered by Sunshine

The same bright sunshine, that blesses this part of California and produces our lush wine grapes, also powers our “Off-the-Grid” Winery. Like many of you, we realize that we are the stewards of our environment. 12 Roof Panels Meet our Power Needs.

If future generations are going to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful Sierra Foothills region, we must practice sustainable viticulture and adopt renewable energy sources. We’re happy to say that most of the energy used in the winery comes from the sun.

Of course there are times during the year around harvest, when we augment mother nature’s radiance with additional power. Now we hardly give much thought to our power needs, as long as the sun is shinning, our solar system provides us reliable energy and cooling through evaporative coolers.

Behind Our Cellar Door

Here is a look behind our cellar door, how we make wine at Wine Tree Farm. Because Wine Tree Farm is “Off The Grid”, we don’t use pumps to move our wine from tank to tank. Instead we lift the tank we’re emptying and let gravity gently pour the wine into the second tank. We also don’t use mechanical filtering. At Wine Tree Farm we make wine the Natural Way!

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