Wine Tree Farm is a popular place for Wine Tasters to visit.

A calm day in the Amador County tasting room

Visit our Amador County Tasting Room, where you can taste our variety of Rhône wines and blends. We bottle and release new wines throughout the year. If you visited before you may very well discover some more recent wines.

Dress is casual, hospitality is great and the wine… well you be the judge.

Our Tie Dye Art: Setting up the tasting bar to get ready for our loyal customers.

The tie-dye sheet in the background, was a gift from a very talented tie-dye artist. It adds a great ascent and focus for our tasting room. And the flowers, oh the flowers. Don’t they brighten up the room?

Directions to Wine Tree Farm: Get directions to Wine Tree Farm on your Smart Phone’s Navigator (iPhone or Android). Simply type: Wine Tree Farm Amador

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Amador, Sierra Foothills, California

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