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Wine and Chocolate

Wine and Chocolate

Published on: Feb 6, 2021

Wine (for those over 18) and Chocolate are two of the most popular treats on Valentines Day. Not surprisingly, when carefully paired, they provide a sensational taste experience for those with good taste buds (aka a good palette).

What gives wine and chocolate these intriguing taste qualities?


It’s chemicals called polyphenols. These are all natural, organic chemicals produced by plants that provide healthy anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

You’ve probably heard that drinking red wine and eating chocolate (in moderation) is good for you.

Now you know why!

While there are many polyphenols: chocolate (cacao) has mostly flavonoids and wine (grapes) has mostly tannins. Both of these tend to be bitter. If you love dark chocolate and dry red wines you have a healthy tolerance of bitterness.

It’s the combination of these two polyphenols exciting your taste buds at the same time, that gives those with good palettes an extraordinary taste experience.

Commonly Recommended Pairings

Tastes vary, (that’s because everyone is unique), so here’s a list of commonly recommended pairings.

  • White chocolate – Moscato, Cream Sherry, Ice Wines
  • Milk Chocolate – Merlot, Grenache, Madeira
  • Dark Chocolate – Syrah, Port, Zinfandel
Check out Wine Folly for a great poster on these pairings.

Valentines Day provides an excellent opportunity to test your palette, and to try a wine and chocolate pairing, with someone you love.

Better yet: Stop by Wine Tree Farm during our Cocoa Vino event - usually the weekend on or before Valentine's Day
We will offer different chocolates to pair with our wine.

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